Nantes Metropolitan Council

Nantes Metropolitan Council carries out measures to protect, restore and enhance these aquatic environments, aimed at: the hydro-ecological, fishery and hydraulic restoration of the watercourses, flood management, water quality improvement and wetland conservation. This water policy has been included in the urban planning policy since the metropolitan area experiences heavy pressure from urban sprawl.

Nantes Metropolitan Council has been responsible for management of water environments and flood risk (GEMAPI) since 1 January 2015. In this respect, it carries out actions to restore aquatic environments. It contributes to achieving the good status of water bodies as defined by the Water Framework Directive (WFD).

NMC’s water cycle department aims to develop an integrated water cycle management plan for the metropolitan area and to ensure consistency with urban development of the metropolitan area.

In view of its remits, Nantes Metropolitan Council falls within the LIFE REVERS’EAU project by implementing an action to return an urban watercourse to nature (C6 action).

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