Support for stakeholders in the fight against erosion

Description of the action

This action is broken down into several sections :

1- Detailed studies on the 5 highest-contributing sub-basins to erosion in Haute Mayenne lake

It involves identifying plots at high risk of erosion in one study per year.

2- Identification of actions to be taken faced with the identified risks of erosion

Technical solutions will be put forward and described by a service provider by means of methodological guides. This might consist of adaptations and/or changes in practices on the basins (tillage, planting hedges on banks, creating buffer zones, redesigning field entrances, ditch clearing practices, etc.)

3- Support for stakeholders in the implementation of the actions identified

7 target structures competent for leading large scale adaptations have already been identified. These parties will then be able to raise awareness among local stakeholders (farmers and elected representatives) and among persons concerned by high risk plots, and to bear the cost of the work.

Main results expected

5 detailed studies: 1 per sub-basin.

Methodological guides produced: the number will depend on the results of each study.

4 project stakeholders  for all the sub-basins studied, committed to implementing the actions identified by the service provider.