The REVERS’EAU LIFE project drives a new ambition for recovering good water status in view of the current mixed results. It acts as a driver for the commitments made by stakeholders and to mobilise funds. Those will be used to reach the good status target set by the Loire Bretagne River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) for the Pays de la Loire region.
It is a unifying project from a technological and political standpoint and in terms of stakeholder commitment. The project creates links and reinforces the overall coherence of measures aimed at farms, programmes applying to local areas and the terms of reference for the economic and agri-food sectors. It is designed to spread good practices and to effect a change of scale in the management of actions to recover good water status.

The objective of the LIFE REVERS’EAU project is to reach 37% water bodies with good ecological status by 2027.

Petit garçon qui joue dans l'eau
© Région Pays de la Loire / A. Monié – Les beaux matins
Jeune fille qui joue dans l'eau
© Région Pays de la Loire / A. Monié – Les beaux matins

The three ambitions of the LIFE REVERS’EAU project

  • MOBILISE AND RAISE AWARNESS to take better into account the goal ofrestoring good ecological status for water in the Pays de la Loire region and share the challenges. The objective is to bring together water stakeholders at the Pays de la Loire regional level, consolidate the momentum for action, improve the common understanding of the challenges between all the local stakeholders and test other ways of implementing actions in the different areas.
  • TAKE ACTION with respect to river basins. The objective is to facilitate actions to improve the resilience of rivers basins and to learn lessons. Those lessons can be used to disseminate the said actions and to reproduce those same actions region-wide and more generally in the Loire Bretagne basin by implementing tools, supporting stakeholders, conducting works and through plantations…
  • FURTHER KNOWLEDGE on key themes. The objective, with respect to certain subjects (sociology, hydrology etc.) is to broaden the knowledge to guide local strategies, especially with the perspective of climate change.

Location of actions in the LIFE REVERS’EAU project

Carte présentant la répartition des actions du projet LIFE REVERS'EAU sur le territoire ligérien

What are the expected results?

  • An environmental impact with, especially:
    • Improvement in the percentage of water bodies with good status: 37% target by 2027
    • Removal of around forty lakes and around twenty obstacles to run-off
    • Restoration of over 10 km of watercourses
    • Improved carbon storage with almost 30 km of hedgerows planted
    • Reinforced commitment from water stakeholders and economic stakeholders
    • Setting up of training, developing and sharing of tools across the region
    • Additional knowledge to guide action
  • A social and economic impact with, especially:
    • Jobs created before and during the project
    • Replication of at least 4 of the project’s actions at regional, national or European scale
  • A societal impact with, especially:
    • Awareness-raising of over 60,000 people (general public, high school students, ramblers, residents etc.)  regarding good water status’ challenges.
    • Awareness-raising of around one hundred farmers on the change in practices.