Project presentation

A shared vision at regional level for improved water quality

Water is a major component of our region. The Loire, as the backbone, is irrigated by a number of tributaries. Water is found both in large wetlands on the coast, in the low valleys of Angers or even in lakes such as the Lac naturel de Grand Lieu. This large water footprint provides a haven for a rich biodiversity in its aquatic environments and remarkable landscapes. However, domestic, economic and agricultural water use, may increase strain on the aquatic ecosystems. The partnership approach of the LIFE REVERS’EAU project ensures an overview of the actions led by the stakeholders concerned. It promotes adhesion and joint involvement for the benefit of water recovery in the Pays de la Loire region.

European framework directive on water

The Water Framework Directive (2000/60 / EC) commits the States of the European Union to achieve the objective of good status for all water by 2027. It responds to a pressing need in terms of the quality of water. water at European level. France and particularly the Pays de la Loire region are affected by pollution phenomena, hydrographic basin developments, and the increase in drought and flood events. In France, the first water “management plans” included in the WFD were approved in 2009. These are the master plans for water development and management (SDAGE). The Pays de la Loire region is concerned by the implementation of the SDAGE for the Loire-Bretagne basin.

Project key figures

Visuel calendrier

over 7 years

from 1st September 2020 to 31 December 2027

Visuel pour 32 actions

32 actions

to reach the target

Visuel euros

15 099 674 €

Expected European grant : 7 120 584 € (47%)

Expected regional contribution for its actions and those of the partners:

1 215 441 €

Expected contribution from the Loire Bretagne Water Agency for its action and those of the partners:

4 117 521 €

Recovering good water status in Pays de la Loire region.
With the LIFE REVERS’EAU project, led by the Pays de la Loire Regional Council, a new momentum will boost the investments made over several years, to recover good status of watercourses in the region. How? By mobilising environmental stakeholders around this shared issue and by rolling out actions aimed at improving water quality and aquatic environments.