Pays de la Loire Regional Council, lead partner of the LIFE REVERS’EAU project

The Pays de la Loire Regional Council is leading the LIFE REVERS’EAU project. Active on matters such as protection and recovery of water quality, it is leading the project via 3 major roles :

  • Project coordinaton,
  • Contracting authority for several actions,
  • Co-financing actions led by the other partners.

A project in keeping with regional water policies

Committed to a proactive water policy for more than 10 years, the regional assembly has reinforced its action since 2019 via numerous measures and additional funding:

  • It is to invest €46 M over the next 5 years to improve water quality in Pays de la Loire region. It has also included €32.5M in its budget, as part of the Territorial Water Contracts (financial tool of the  Regional  Council and the Loire Bretagne Water Agency), to finance local projects to restore aquatic environments.
  • At the same time, as European fund managing authority and especially of the FEADER, the regional Council is coordinating and co-funding agro-environmental and climate measures and aids for conversion to organic farming, investments in farms, agroforestry… It has thus provided for €6.3 M on the plan for the competitiveness and adaptation of plant farms for the acquisition of equipment to be used especially to reduce the use of pesticides or water consumption.
  • The  Regional Council and the French State also adopted a “Plan Etat-Région” to recover water resources in December 2019, which is divided into 37 undertakings to mobilise regional stakeholders, improve governance and structuring with other policies, accelerate implementation of projects, and increase the resources allocated.
  • In order to raise awareness and bring local stakeholders together, the regional assembly set up a regional water conference in 2018 which has been repeated every year since.
  • The Regional Council is also responsible for coordination and consultation relating to management and protection of the water resource and aquatic environments (NOTRe law).

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