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Working to recover water in Pays de la Loire

11% only of watercourses in Pays de la Loire achieve good ecological status. Recovering good water status is a major challenge for the years to come. The LIFE REVERS’EAU project responds to this pressing need.
How? By further mobilising local stakeholders and by encouraging the implementation of large-scale initiatives.

Visuel cours d'eau

30 000 km

of watercourses over the entire regional area

Visuel qualité de l'eau

37 %

is the target of surface water bodies with good ecological status to be achieved by 2027 through this project

Visuel euros

7 M€

in European grant for the LIFE REVERS’EAU project, with a total budget of €15 M

Selection of our LIFE REVERS’EAU project brings real recognition for the Pays de la Loire Regional Council’s undertaking on this major water quality issue. We have stepped-up our effort by adopting an” Eau Etat Région” 2020-2024 plan, representing an unprecedented investment of €46 M over 5 years” Christelle Morançais, President of the Pays de la Loire Regional Council

Portrait de Christelle Morançais
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Video presentation of the LIFE REVERS’EAU project

Financial partners

The integrated LIFE REVERS’EAU project is led by the Pays de la Loire and financed by the European Commission, the Loire Bretagne Water Agency, The Pays de la Loire Regional Council and the action leaders.


REVERS’EAU actions

The LIFE REVERS’EAU project counts 13 invested partners across the entire Pays de la Loire area. It focusses on 32 actions planned over 7 years. Objective: accelerate recovery of the good ecological status of water.