Project partners

Loire Brittany Water Agency

A State public body, the Loire Bretagne Water Agency has been participating in implementing national and European water policy since 1964. Its mission is to provide elected representatives and water users, in collaboration with the French State, with an overview of concerns related to water management and the financial means for fighting pollution, managing and protecting water resources and aquatic environments.

Angers University

Angers University counts around 25,000 students and 1,100 professors. 450 institutions worldwide work with Angers University as part of research or academic agreements. Its 850 researchers work within 25 research units, 13 of which are certified by the research bodies CNRS, INSERM and INRA. Angers University is already involved in several European projects (around fifteen ongoing) including Horizon Europe, COSME, Life, Erasmus+.

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Logo Chambre Régionale d'Agriculture

Pays de la Loire Regional Chamber of Agriculture

The Pays de la Loire Regional Chamber of Agriculture is a public organisation related to public Chambers. Its composition, set by rural law, positions it at a crossroads between all the components of agriculture within a region, since the elected members represent farmers, employees, landowners, foresters, cooperatives, banks, the MSA, the Cuma, and the various trade unions etc.

Erdre and Gesvres district council

The Erdre and Gesvres District Council is district council of Loire-Atlantique Département. It brings together 12 municipalities and 60,000 residents on the doorstep of the Nantes Metropolitan area.

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Logo Syndicat Mixte de la Baie de Bourgneuf

Baie de Bourgneuf basin board

The Baie de Bourgneuf basin board is made of 7 district councils working on behalf of 38 municipalities located in Vendée and Loire-Atlantique Départements.

Local public organisation in charge of basin management in Vilaine

The Vilaine EPTB is a local public river basin entity in charge of river basin management. It has the status of basin board and comprises 26 district councils in the Vilaine river basin (including one metropolitan council and 5 district councils), and 2 drinking water production boards, 2 Départements and 1 Region.

Logo Syndicat Mixte Vendée Sèvre Autizes

Vendée Sèvre Autizes board

The Vendée Sèvre Autizes Board is a river basin organisation. It brings together 6 district councils and covers 64 municipalities. It covers an area of 122,000 hectares, i.e. 90% of the Vendée river basin.

Le Mans Metropolitan Council

Le Mans Metropolitan Council covers 20 municipalities and almost 300 000 inhabitants. Le Mans Metropolitan Council is committed to recovering water quality. It is responsible for management of water environments and flood risk (GEMAPI )

Logo Conseil départemental de la Mayenne

Mayenne Departement Council

The Mayenne Département Council (CD53) is the deliberative assembly of Mayenne county as an institutional local authority.

Oudon basin board

The Oudon river basin board was created on 1 January 2018, by the merger of the South Oudon basin board, the basin board for development of the river Oudon and the Oudon basin flood prevention and anti-pollution board.

The Oudon basin board’s area of intervention covers a rural area of 1,500 km², 800 km of watercourses and 74 municipalities, mainly located in the Maine et Loire’s and Mayenne’s departments area.

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Logo Département de Vendée

Vendée Département Council

The Vendée Département Council (CD85) is the deliberative assembly of the Vendée county as an institutional local authority.

The Vendée Département Council has been responsible for water management since 1972. Its water strategy was renewed in 2018.

Local public organisation in charge of basin management in Sèvre Nantaise

The Sèvre Nantaise EPTB (Local Public River Basin Entity) is a basin board, created on the initiative of four Département councils. It covers the Sèvre Nantaise river basin (2,350 km2), situated in the area of two regions (Pays de la Loire and Nouvelle Aquitaine), 4 départements (Loire-Atlantique, Maine-et-Loire, Deux-Sèvres and Vendée), 16 district councils and 123 municipalities

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