Vendée Sèvre Autizes basin board

The SMVSA has the management of water environments and flood risk remit. It also manages various Territorial Contracts aimed at:

  • Maintaining and restoring 41,000 hectares of wetlands in the Marshlands (40% of the marshland in the Poitou region) mainly classified as Natura 2000,
  • Maintaining and restoring watercourses associated with the Marshlands (3 river basins: downstream Autizes river, Longèves river, Vendée river and Mère river) to which the WFD targets have been applied, including action against invasive alien species,
  • Creating alternative reserves in order to protect the wetlands in marshland in the Poitou region by reducing water withdrawals by the agricultural sector (8.6 m3 stored for 18 m3 in collective management).
  • Coastal and river flood prevention and protection, with management of 39 km of classified embankments and management of a €16M and 5-year flood prevention and protection scheme (PAPI).
  • Managing the 65 km of main marshland watercourses owned by the SMVSA and the 21 km of watercourses owned by the French state, entrusted to the SMVSA by prefectural decree. The SMVSA also manages the 15 hydraulic facilities on this system.

As part of the LIFE REVERS’EAU project, the SMVSA is responsible for one action aimed at restoring ecological continuity (one of the region’s priorities for recovering good ecological status) over a sector that includes watercourses and an area of marshland (C5 action).

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