Call for projects “economic operators of the agricultural sector and the food industry”


The call for projects is addressed to economic operators of the agricultural sector and the food industry of the Pays de la Loire regional territory.

It is a call for projects led by the Pays de la Loire Regional Council in partnership with the Loire-Bretagne Water Agency, in the framework of the Integrated Project LIFE REVERS’EAU, funded by the European Commission.

The objective of the call for projects is to support economic actors for the emergence and the development of structuring dynamics and projects of transition within the agricultural sector and the food industry, which will be able to improve and preserve the quality of water resources. For instance, the selected projects can concern the emergence and/or the development of productions which are respectful of water resources (e.g. organic agriculture, low impact cultures…) as well as the amelioration of agricultural practices through the implementation of investments, specifications or brands, research, etc.

The laureates will integrate the LIFE REVERS’EAU partnership. Their projects can benefit from funding from the regional Council, the Water Agency and the European Commission through LIFE funding.

Beneficiaries and eligibility

The call for projects is addressed to economic operators in capacity of offering structuring projects of transition of the agricultural sector. The priority is given to industries of transformation and to organisations intervening in the collection and marketing (cooperatives, trade organisations, packaging, shippers, producer organisations, associations, etc). This call for projects concerns the food sector as well as the energy sector and bio-based materials.

The call for projects is also open to other actors under conditions (see the specifications)

The main selection criteria are :

  • Relevance with the objectives
  • Effectivity on the preservation and improvement of water resources
  • Efficiency of the means mobilised
  • Sustainability of the project
  • Cohesion with the Pays de la Loire territory

Calendar and procedures

1. Before applying, please read the specifications of the call for projects very carefully. They define the framework and the conditions of intervention of subventions from the Regional Council, the Loire-Bretagne Water Agency and LIFE.

2. A primary contact should be made with the LIFE REVERS’EAU referent (contact below) to precise the eligibility and the level of intervention of your project.

Région Pays de la Loire
Direction de la Transition Energétique et de l’Environnement
Tél. (33) 2 28 20 54 85

3. The candidate will have to present an application file with all the different pieces mentioned in the specifications. The grant application form, the financial plan and the Republican engagement contract (for associations) are downloadable below.

Deadline for application (2nd session) : Friday 2 September 2023
Please send your application to