Loire Bretagne Water Agency

To support it, the agency collects licence fees calculated according to the quantity of water withdrawn and pollution discharged. The license fees are set by the French law on water and aquatic environments of 30 December 2006. As everyone contributes, the water agency provides aids for actions of collective interest for fighting pollution, protecting the balance of aquatic environments and better managing water resources in the LB basin. Its aids are defined as part of a multi-year programme approved by the basin committee and the executive committee. Its action is complementary to the French States regulatory action.

The LB Water Agency is the official contracting authority of the LB basin monitoring programme for evaluating water ecological status. It defines and implements the programme. Every 6 years, the LB Water Agency reports on the basin. The report is then used as a pre-diagnosis and as basis to elaborate the RBMP (WFD management plan) and of the related programme, to reach the WFD targets.

The LB Water Agency shall rely on its own experts, their knowledge of the ways in which water quality changes and how environments come under pressure, on their participation in national and European groups for the evaluation of water status, for analysing the changes measured and the links with the actions undertaken in the LIFE REVERS’EAU project, and their contribution to the RBMP (D2 action).

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