Support for stakeholders in reducing the impact of drainage

Description of the action

This action is broken down into several sections :

1- Fine analysis of drained sectors in the Authion valley

This work will lead to a map representing the scope of the action and to drained plots in the area concerned. Therefore an inventory of the drained sectors will be made along with collection of data from farmers (drained surfaces, draining practices, equipment in place etc.).

2- Co-construction of a methodological guide for the implementation of dynamic management of drainage systems

This notably involves relying on farmers already practising dynamic drainage management (stoppage of pumps or use of nozzle systems on the gravity drainage system outlet). This work will lead to a protocol for the dynamic management of drainage systems.

3- Communication and implementation of advertising tools

This work will especially include the creation and printing of an advertising brochure on the dynamic management of drainage systems.

Main results expected

Definition of a drainage system dynamic management protocol with the participation of at least 5 irrigators/farmers practising dynamic management or not, to draw up the management protocol.

Farmers awareness for the dynamic management of drainage systems. Creation and release of an advertising brochure for all.