Adapting 15 facilities to restore ecological continuity

Description of the action

This action is broken down into several sections:

1- Adaptation or removal of 10 works on the Longèves river and the Ilots stream

This involves adapting or removing 4 works listed on the list of obstacles to water flow on the Ilôts stream.

Two  works at Moulin Garreau are also concerned. As a result, hydraulic modelling will be conducted to divide flows in order to conciliate economic use of water and ecological continuity.

Finally, the Longèves river crosses the Hermenault ‘s Castle and has to cross 4 facilities which constitute obstacles to ecological continuity: 2 weirs, an equine pool and a bridge.

2- Adaptation of marshland crossing developments on 5 works on the Vendée river

 The Vendée river has indeed 5 forebays  along it up to the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, in the summer, it does not flow or barely flows through these structures. This makes restoration of ecological continuity impossible with the usual crossing developments. Maintaining works is also essential to preserving marshlands which is why innovative solutions need to be looked for.

Main results expected

15 adapted works.