Restoration of the Huisne’s ecological continuity in Le Mans

Description of the action

This action is broken down into several sections :

1- Creation of a fish way on the Epau dam (2023 – 2025)

After having done a feasibility study and requested an environmental permit, construction will start in 2024. To realize this project, various services will work hand in hand: water services, nature in city service, the Arche de la Nature, the Architecture/technic management service and the Energy-Climate service.

2 – Consultation with the residents of the area on the left riverbank upstream the Pontlieue dam.

After the dam dismantling, further layouts will be necessary to maintain the water level and restore or reinforce the riverbanks. Hence it is necessary to inform and raise awareness among the residents involved to obtain their authorization, which is mandatory to realize the constructions (General Interest Declaration). A prime contractor will be hired to realize this consultation.

3 – Evolutive exhibition describing the whole project on Le Mans dams and its global objective.

An evolutive exhibition on the different actions on the dams will be organized in the Water House, to make people understand the ecological point of those constructions. A consultation will be launched in 2023 to hire a service provider to create this exhibition.

Main results expected

– Fish continuity restored at Epau dam

– Local support for the Pontlieue project and DIG approval obtained

– Creation of an evolving exhibition to help visitors understand the overall project for the 4 Le Mans dams.