Assessment of the impact of climate change on water resource

Description of the action

This action is broken down into several sections :

1- Evaluation of the hydrological processes impacted by climate change

A PhD thesis will be written on local analysis on the scale of the project’s target “sub-basins”. This is why significant modelling work, taking climatological aspects but also anthropic factors into account, will be carried out. Two separate time frames will be planned accordingly: 2065 and 2100.

2- Prospective analysis

Different scenarios will be studied. Then, a management plan will be created by engineering consultants and specialist consultants, based on the conclusions of the thesis.

3- Consultation

A consultation and awareness-raising process for local stakeholders will be engaged (representatives of district councils, users etc.). Thus, the goal is to remove any potential blockages, promote co-construction of scenarios and share the conclusions with all stakeholders, in view of having  a joint water management plan.

Main results expected

Proposals for management scenarios

A long-term water management plan

8 information and consultation meetings