Returning Trézon water bodies to their natural state

Description of the action

This action is broken down into several sections:

1- Work to return the watercourses to their natural state

This involves optimising their self-purifying capacities. Natural conditions essential to site clean-up (maintenance of woodlands, widening of deep ditches, remeandering, diversification of water flows, removal of small works on watercourses etc.) will thus be recreated.

2- Creation of buffer zones for collecting run-off water or leaching water

They are potentially loaded with sediments, mineral elements or pesticides. Therefore, it is necessary to have them transit through areas conducive to sedimentation, infiltration and self-purification mechanisms. Also, these developments will include, where possible, recovery from drainage outlets.

3- Reduction of the negative impact of lakes on watercourses

By removing  or bypassing lakes further to specific feasibility studies.

Main results expected

4.2 km of watercourses (streams, ditches or discharges) will be returned to their natural state. The woodlands around them will be maintained

10 drainage outlets will be redeveloped and redirected to existing pools or to the buffer zones created

15 “grass-covered basin” buffer zones will be created as part of the work to return the hydrographic network to its natural state

8 lakes will be disconnected or removed