Restoring water bodies in the Chéran river

Description of the action

This action is broken down into several sections :

1- Governance actions

Local governance structures will be set up in view of widely associating elected stakeholders but also professionals, water users, and the French State. This would therefore enable consultation between stakeholder groups to be organised to encourage the implementation of actions.

2- Actions to acquire knowledge and communicate on and share issues

Among other things, these approaches concern monitoring of biodiversity and water quality and creation of tools or events designed to raise awareness. The goal is to facilitate understanding of actions undertaken and to clarify their usefulness for good water status

3- Land planning actions

The driving forces behind and obstacles to restoration of ecological continuity will be studied. This will especially facilitate work on lakes, hedge systems, and hydraulic works etc.

Main results expected

Creation of 2 governance bodies

Awareness-raising: 25 elected representatives and 650 inhabitants in the Chéran, organisation of 6 events as part of a participative action called “5 years to save the Chéran”

Work implementation: 6 lakes bypassed or removed , creation of 21 pools and 7 buffer zones, removal  of 8 thresholds on watercourses and 60% reduction in terracing, return of 5 km of watercourses to their natural state

Support to  70 farmers in planting 28 km of hedgerows

5 conscientious farmers to test new practices in agriculture, soil conservation and organic farming

10 municipalities have received help to set up developments in favour of infiltration and to improve  water quality in urban  areas

Analysis of the citizens’ perception of aquatic environments, analysis of levers  to support the creation of buffer zones

Impact analysis  of the action on water quality and biodiversity