Bid invitation : Conception and implementation of an awareness raising operation on water among high schools

Groupes de personnes au bord de l'eau

High school students are the actors of tomorrow. This is the reason why the Pays de la Loire Regional Council, from the conception of the LIFE IP REVERS’EAU, stated its will to raise awareness on the challenges of water preservation among high schools.

The LIFE IP REVERS’EAU therefore plans an operation of awareness raising among high school students to the challenges linked to the preservation and the amelioration of our water resources. Acknowledging that the youth is already sensitized to water and environmental challenges, the operation aims at giving them supplementary keys of understanding on those challenges, as well as paths of actions at their own scale.

The Regional Council is thus launching a bid invitation in order to be accompagnied on this operation, which will consist in 3 axes :

  • The conception of a module for educational projects carried out by students and/or the educative community
  • The conception of an escape game on water issues
  • The organisation of a day of restitution and awareness at the Regional Council.