Erdre and Gesvres District Council

Erdre and Gesvres District Council has been responsible for water and aquatic environments since 2008. It has also been responsible for management of water environments and flood risk (GEMAPI) since 2018. Erdre and Gesvres District Council’s water and aquatic environments’ service has links with basin boards and the bodies responsible for the Local River Basin Management Plans. It is implementing a proactive and responsible local strategy to restore aquatic environments and recover water quality. Erdre and Gesvres District Council has a “works” remit in the area of the Erdre river basin.

It is currently implementing two programmes of actions for the river basins of the upstream Erdre, the Gesvres and the Cens. These programmes of actions are multiannual and involve numerous stakeholders. They contribute towards achieving the objectives of the Water Framework Directive.

With regard to its experience in its area, Erdre and Gesvres District Council has made significant efforts under the LIFE REVERS’EAU project to implement two actions: one to study the mobilisation of stakeholders in ecological continuity restoration projects (C2 action) and the other to restore watercourses by mobilising local residents (E4 action).

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