Sèvre Nantaise Local Public River Basin Entity

It is the administrative organisation responsible for the Sèvre Nantaise Local River Basin Management Plan (SAGE). In this respect, the Sèvre Nantaise EPTB supports local stakeholders (watercourse managers, local authorities, etc.) in the implementation of operations aimed at improving the quality of watercourses and aquatic environments. It assumes a general coordination role, organising stakeholders and providing information about water quality, water quantity and aquatic environments.

The Sèvre Nantaise EPTB is responsible for management of water environments and flood risk (GEMAPI). It is the procurement entity for general studies and works on the basin. It provides the impetus for schemes and sets up programmes, creates tools for their implementation and seeks funding for them.

The Sèvre Nantaise EPTB is responsible for unifying draining basin stakeholders, improving river quality, tackling pollution, maintaining and restoring aquatic environments and flood prevention.

At the same time, it showcases watercourses and provides training and education. The Sèvre Nantaise EPTB carries out hydraulic and industrial heritage studies and contributes to knowledge of past uses of the water. It organises awareness raising events and aims to reconcile the development of human activities with preservation of the natural heritage. It runs an environmental educational programme for school children. It manages and promotes walking trails (the Pays Sèvre and Maine hiking trail).

As part of the LIFE REVERS’EAU project, the Sèvre Nantaise EPTB is committed to action to return the Trézon river basin to its natural state (C12 action) and another action implemented on hiking trails in order to raise general public’s awareness (E3 action).

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