Vendée Departement Council

It presents several priorities:

  • Acquiring knowledge. In this respect it carries out scientific studies on the working of aquatic environments and coastal ecosystems, and monitors water quality and quantity,
  • Coordinating local stakeholders, providing technical coordination and support for water-related issues (sharing experiences between elected representatives and practitioners, technical support, legal and technical watch),
  • Educating water stakeholders and the general public (participation in water-related events, educational workshops for school children, monitoring centre, etc.)
  • Carrying out operations to recover the quality of iconic water bodies, in partnership with local authorities with water remits (GEMAPI organisations, local authorities responsible for the small water cycle / waste water disposal and drinking water) and local stakeholders.

The Vendée Département Council also supports various actions initiated by professionals in the agricultural and shellfish farming sectors aimed at preserving water quality.

Finally, on the theme of lakes and morphological restoration of watercourses, the Vendée Département Council has carried out several significant removal (elimination and by-passing) operations and other projects enabling watercourses in sensitive natural areas open to the public, to be returned to nature.

As part of the LIFE REVERS’EAU project, the Vendée Département Council aims to carry out coordinated regional development actions (on lakes, hedge systems, etc.) to promote water quality and make its area a showcase for recovering the status of water bodies (C11a action).

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