World Water Day 2022

Each year on 22 March we celebrate World Water Day, which is the occasion to raise awareness on the importance of freshwater and of sustainable water resources management.

On 22 March 1993 the first World Water Day was celebrated, initiated on the aftermath of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in 1992. The objective of this day is to spread information and raise awareness on the challenges of sustainable water resources management and preservation.

It is the occasion to remind that in the Pays de la Loire region, only 11% of water bodies have a good ecological status, and that it is essential to commit and to act for good water quality. The regional water actors and the partners of the LIFE REVERS’EAU project make the most of this day to carry out actions of awareness, including towards the youth. Among the actions for World Water Day 2022, we propose you a focus on the Chéran River.  

Awareness day for children on the Chéran

The Oudon Basin Board and the Local Water Commission are planning several animations around World Water Day, including an animation on the Chéran River, area of action of the LIFE REVERS’EAU project.

The animation is organised with the leisure centre of the municipality of Renazé (53) and will involve fifteen children in an activity around the preservation of water resources.

The activity will consist in a discovery of the species living in the Chéran River through dip net fishing. The children will then release the species into the river. This activity will allow them to learn about and to discuss questions of biodiversity, conservation of resources, characterisation of the habitat in the landscape and water uses.

For more information, visit the Oudon Basin Board website.

For more information on World Water Day 2022 worldwide visit the UN official website.