Pays de la Loire Regional Chamber of Agriculture

The CRA’s activity comprises three missions: 

  • One so-called consular, representing the farming profession before the public and local authorities.
  • The second in an interventional capacity, for its members (farmers) and for municipalities in numerous areas: plant production, animal production, protection of the environment, enhancement of agricultural products, management of rural areas, improvement of landscapes, energy production etc. It supports farmers in the implementation of public policies such as the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
  •  The third covers technical interventions for farmers and/or municipalities.

As part of its missions, the Regional Chamber of Agriculture interacts with the bodies responsible for implementing the Local River Basin Management Plan, basin boards and government offices (local authorities and State agencies). The water strategy undertaken by the new 2018 term of office focuses on actions to improve water quality and those covering quantitative management of water within regional areas.

The regional chamber of agriculture also contributes to committees related to land development, town planning, health and social affairs, teaching and research, economic planning and organisation and tourism and rural habitat.

The regional chamber of agriculture has been appointed by the basin boards involved in development and water management issues to lead an action as part of the LIFE REVERS’EAU project. It aims to promote tools for land management in order to facilitate developments in favour of the recovery of good water status and transfer to other territories (C1 action).

The regional chamber of agriculture is leading a second action: through its technical remit in terms of quantitative water management in agricultural areas, it undertakes to promote collective management of summer withdrawal volumes from basins under strain (C10 action).

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