Removal of the Hunaudières Dam

Removal of the pool, restoration of the stream bank area, creation of ponds and a wetland, etc. Works were carried out on the Ridelais stream, tributary of the Chéran in Saint-Saturnin-du-Limet. After 4 years of study, site monitoring and work, the watercourse has finally returned to its natural state.

The Oudon basin board carries out an action of LIFE REVERS’EAU project to restore the Chéran water body. The Hunaudières pool, with an area of about 1000 m2, was a pool on stream. In order to restore ecological continuity and to renaturate the site, the Oudon basin board removed the Hunaudières dam and created a wetland. This will host a great diversity of species and store water in winter and release it in summer. 

The work began by emptying the pool, securing beforehand a rescue fishery. Then, the site was left intact to see if the river was returning to its original bed. In 2022, the dam was removed, the bed was traced and meandered, two ponds were created and a path bordering the wetland was developed. A walkway is planned to be laid out. The site will ultimately open to the public in order to become a place of well-being and leisure.

The Oudon basin board plans a follow-up to assess the evolution of the environment and the effectiveness of the restoration. An inventory of fauna and flora was carried out before the works. Another inventory will be carried out 3 years after the works.

Hunaudières’pool before works
Hunaudières’ wetland after works