The European Commission visits the LIFE IP REVERS’EAU

On November 9 and 10 2022, the LIFE REVERS’EAU project team received CINEA, the European Commission agency in charge of the LIFE programme, as well as the experts from NEEMO in charge of the monitoring of the project.

It was the first visit of the project referent at CINEA, Mr. Solon MIAS. Considering the end of the first phase of the project approaching, the purpose of this visit was to share the first results and takeaway from the project implementation. The meeting took place over two days.

A first day of work on the campus of the Pays de la Loire Regional Council was dedicated to insights and discussions on the overall progress of the project. The project team was able to share the framework for the impact assessment of the IP as well as the perspectives for the upcoming years.

This visit was also an opportunity to visit the field, at the EPTB Sèvre Nantaise. This associated beneficiary leads two actions for the IP: an action of awareness raising on water quality via local hiking trails, and an action of renaturation of the Trézon river basin. Mr. Jean-Paul BREGEON, President of the EPTB Sèvre Nantaise, warmly welcomed the European Commission delegation as well as Mr. Philippe HENRY, Vice-President of the Pays de la Loire Regional Council, and the LIFE REVERS’EAU project team. The progress of both these actions was illustrated by a field visit of the achieved work on the Trézon watershed.

Introduction to the LIFE REVERS’EAU actions led by the EPTB Sèvre Nantaise

The EPTB Sèvre Nantaise technicians explain the works achieved in the objective of renaturation of the Trézon river basin.