The Angers University laboratory team is growing

Equipe du LPG

The University of Angers has just recruited two new doctoral students to carry out the study of the functioning of the Loire estuary planned as part of the LIFE REVERS’EAU project.

Nour Boukortt and Mohammed Barhdadi have just joined the teams of the Planetology and Geosciences Laboratory at the University of Angers in partnership with the Oceanic and Continental Environments and Paleoenvironments Laboratory at the University of Bordeaux. The European Union and the Region co-finance these posts.

Their theses, planned over the next three years, will focus respectively on:

5 researchers will supervise this thesis work: Edouard Metzger, Sabine Schmidt, Grégoire Maillet, Aurélia Mouret and Christine Barras.

The Loire estuary is considered to be in average condition with regard to the fish indicator of the WFD. This work will contribute to a better understanding of the phenomena of chronic oxygen deficit which contribute to the downgrading of this body of water.

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